Should Children Wear a Face Mask?

In order to stop the spread of the Coronavirus, it is compulsory for everyone to wear a cloth face mask when in public. It is possible to carry the Coronavirus and feel well. Face masks help to stop infecting other people. Many parents want to know if children should wear face masks as well, from what age and when they shouldn’t . Below is information all parents need to know about children and face masks.


Children over 2 years of age should wear a face mask when outside of the home. But, they should also still keep about 2 metres away from other people. That is about the length of a bed.

But, a child should not wear a mask if
• they cannot breathe properly through the mask
• it makes them fiddle with the mask and touch their face more often
• they cannot take off the mask on their own because of a disability
• they are under 2 years of age
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