Video is a very effective way to communicate complex concepts – like the inter-relational models Side-by-Side rests on – quickly and effectively. Side-by-Side has a small but growing collection of videos.

Videos for caregivers

Download and share these videos with caregivers using your social media channels, WhatsApp, or show them to caregivers on a screen during in-person interactions. These video should always be shown with sound on.

Introduction to the Road to Health book

Nutrition the importance of breastfeeding

Responsive caregiving and its importance

Protection to keep children healthy and happy

Healthcare when childen are sick

Extra care for children needing more help

1. Good Nutrition for your child’s development


2. Love, Play and Talk with your child for their development


3. Protect your children- Immunise them and keep them safe


4. Access to Healthcare Services


5. Extra Care for children who need it


6. The importance of antenatal care for Mom & Baby


Videos For Healthworkers 

Download and share the videos with healthcare workers during training and discussion around adopting Side-by-Side in your operations. These videos should also be used when training health workers on the new Road to Health book. The videos can also be shared using social media.

Danger Signs

Introduction to the new Road to Health book

Responsive caregiving

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