Together, we can ensure that South Africa’s youngest children receive the care they need to survive and thrive.

What is Side-by-Side?

Side-by-Side is a National Department of Health campaign working to ensure that all children under 5 receive the nurturing care they need to develop to the best of their abilities. It relies on all stakeholders caring for caregivers and pregnant women to work alongside each other.

Side-by-Side rests on 5 pillars

These are the elements of care all children need


Good nutrition is important for mothers’ and children’s health. It starts with breastfeeding.


Brain development is spurred by responsive care and love, play, and talk.


Children can be protected from childhood disease and injury by getting immunised, and safety in the home.

Health Care

Children need care when they are sick or injured.

Extra Care

Some children may need special care or support. Caregivers should know what to do and where to go.


Poster with messaging promoting breastfeeding practice and its benefits. 

Breastfeeding Safe Zone sticker to use in waiting areas and breastfeeding rooms.

Poster with immunisation promotional messaging. Multiple languages available.

The new and revised Road to Health book.

RTHB guide for ecd practitioners

Contact Details

Dr AB Xuma Building, 1112 Voortrekker Rd, Pretoria Townlands 351-JR, PRETORIA, 0187

Phone: +27 (0) 83 225 9011