MomConnect and NurseConnect

MomConnect and NurseConnect are established National Department of Health programmes that share the same messages and goals as Side-by-Side. They are useful tools for all stakeholders that are implementing the campaign

MomConnect sends SMS/Whatsapp messages to pregnant women and caregivers of children under two years. The messages are targeted based on the developmental stage of the child. Caregivers can also contact a helpdesk with childcare questions via SMS/Whatsapp.

There are 814,000 caregivers receiving MomConnect messages in South Africa, and the number is growing daily. Since its inception, MomConnect has had over two million users in total. All messages are created with the help of content expert BabyCenter and aligned to National Department of Health communication.

MomConnect is completely free to use. Pregnant women can register to receive MomConnect messages by dialing *134*550# from their cellphone. They will be asked a few simple questions about their pregnancy, after which they will be registered and will start receiving stage based messages. They will receive a limited set of 6 messages that invites them to go to the clinic to register for the full set of MomConnect messages.


NurseConnect is a companion to the MomConnect programme; supporting nurses and midwives working in maternal health, child health and family planning. It offers access to a suite of mobile services, including USSD registration, targeted support messages and advice via SMS and Whatsapp, and a mobile optimised website offering in-depth information and advice.

There are 24,375 healthcare professionals using NurseConnect in South Africa, and the number is growing.

NursesConnect is completely free. Nurses and midwives can register to receive NurseConect messages by dialing *134*550*5# from their cellphone. There is also a companion mobisite that nurses can join – click here to visit it.

Contact Details

Dr AB Xuma Building, 1112 Voortrekker Rd, Pretoria Townlands 351-JR, PRETORIA, 0187

Phone: +27 (0) 83 225 9011