Road to Health book mobile app

The paper Road to Health book also exists as a digital application for smartphones. This is known as the Road to Health app or the eRTHB.

The intent of this mobile phone application is to allow the caregiver to view childcare information, and in the future, to update their child’s health record. The app acts as a central store for ensuring protection of the information. As the mobile application will have access to private information, special focus has been given to compliance to the protection of private information act, both for patient information protection as well as National Department of Health liability. The improved ability to track patient outcomes while ensuring quality of care are key issues for National Health Insurance.

How To Use

The Road To Health book app should be downloaded onto caregivers’ phones, as long as these are smartphones with an Android operating system. They will be able to read the content of the Road to Health book, as well as MomConnect informational messaging.

Currently, the app is available for Android smartphones only. Look for the app called the Road to Health book in the Play Store or click here.

Contact Details

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Phone: +27 (0) 83 225 9011