Get Involved

All stakeholders who are in direct contact with pregnant women and caregivers of children aged 0-5 years have a role to play in Side-by-Side. By displaying or repeating the Side-by-Side messages and directing caregivers to the Side-by-Side communication channels, stakeholders increase the volume and the footprint of messages.

10 actions you can take

Repeat the messages of the campaign, in verbal and written communication, to individuals and groups

Print and distribute booklets

Host or participate in a community event

Inform your networks of caregivers about the radio show in your region and encourage them to tune in

Share the Side-by-Side videos with caregivers on your social media channels, WhatsApp groups or in person using a phone or tablet

Support your local community radio station to broadcast an early childhood development show using the Side-by-Side community radio scripts

Show the Side-by-Side videos when you are training healthworkers

Inform your networks of caregivers or healthworkers about MomConnect and NurseConnect and encourage them to register


Where do you fit in?

All stakeholders in contact with caregivers of young children can work Side-by-Side with the campaign to ensure the messages are heard and often.

Embody the spirit of Side-by-Side by treating all those who are working to support early child development – and especially caregivers – with respect. We are partners and we are working together to raise South Africa’s children.

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