Side-by-Side says the same thing on many different communication channels. When the caregiver hears the same message over and over on different communication platforms, they remember the message and engage with it.

You, the caregiver, are central to your child’s nurturing, care, and protection.

Your actions will determine your child’s health, education and social outcomes for life. It starts earlier than you think. Healthcare workers will support you with a new tool created for you – the Road to Health book.

This the main message of Side-by-Side. It should be repeated often – every time you talk to a caregiver.

5 knowledge pillars

The remainder of Side-by-Side messages are educational and are grouped under 5 knowledge pillars – these are the elements of care which every child needs in order to survive and thrive.


Good nutrition is important for you and your child’s
health. It starts with breastfeeding.


Your child learns from looking at you when you hold them close and love, play and talk with them.


Your child can be protected from childhood disease and injury by getting immunised and by being careful at home.

Health Care

Your child needs care when they are sick or injured to help them get better.

Extra Care

Your child may need special care or support. Knowing what to do or where to go will help both of you.

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