It takes a village to raise a child

What Is


Side-by-Side is a campaign for pregnant women and caregivers of children younger than 5 years, which uses multiple communication channels.

It is led by the National Department of Health but owned by all national, provincial and local departments, NGOs, community based organisations, and all other partners who are working and caring for children.

Our goal is to ensure that all children in South Africa receive the nurturing care they need to develop best. 



Why Side-by-Side?

All of the stakeholders that provide components of care need to work together – Side-by-Side. All stakeholders in the partnership are valuable.

Side-by-Side emphasises the most important relationship in early child development: between a parent/primary caregiver and a child.

Our Logo

The Side by Side logo shows a pair – carer and child, carer and health worker – in harmony each other. Side-by-Side is partnership and togetherness, because it takes a village to raise a child. Side-by-Side is the journey caregivers walk with their children and all those who walk alongside them.

Our objectives

We want to increase caregivers’ understanding of the full scope of care their children need for optimal development.

We want to increase caregivers’ understanding of how vital their role is in their children’s development and life outcomes – from before birth.

We want healthcare workers to shift their approach to maternal and child primary care from survive to survive and thrive; and to work in partnership with caregivers.

We want to increase uptake of the new Road to Health book among caregivers.

Contact Details

Dr AB Xuma Building, 1112 Voortrekker Rd, Pretoria Townlands 351-JR, PRETORIA, 0187

Phone: +27 (0) 83 225 9011