Road To Health Book

The new Road to Health book is the most important tool of the Side-by-Side campaign:

  • It is a record of a child’s growth, immunisations, and health interventions
  • It is an information source for caregivers
  • It is a tool to encourage collaboration between healthcare workers and caregivers

The book is 44 pages, A5 size, and is divided into 5 sections – the 5 knowledge pillars of the Side-by-Side campaign: nutrition, love, protection, healthcare, and extra care.

The Road to Health book is printed by the Department of Health and distributed to district health departments. It is issued to all new births. Caregivers who have already been issued with the previous version of the book will not be issued a new version.

The Road to Health book is available in English only. If a caregiver is not confident reading English, then they should be given the How to Raise a Healthy and Happy Child book in their home language as a companion.

The Road to Health book is also available as a digital application for smartphones. This is known as the Road to Health app or the eRTHB. Click here to find out more.


Poster with messaging promoting breastfeeding practice and its benefits. 

Breastfeeding Safe Zone sticker to use in waiting areas and breastfeeding rooms.

Poster with immunisation promotional messaging. Multiple languages available.

The new and revised Road to Health book.

RTHB guide for ecd practitioners

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