Mindfulness exercise for mothers: 2 minutes of breathing

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Welcome to this two-minute breathing exercise.

Perhaps you have already listened to the first exercise Intro to Breathing. If you found that useful, here is a slightly longer breathing exercise to help you take good care of yourself, to calm your nervous system when things get tough and to be better prepared to meet the challenges wisely and with kindness.

So let’s start by allowing the body to become still, you can be sitting or standing, or even lying down. You can close your eyes if you wish, but it’s fine to keep them open, if you prefer. And then, when you feel ready, bringing your attention to your breaths. The breath moving in …. and the breath moving out. Just feeling your body breathing. In … and out. And then becoming a little curious about the quality of your breath. Is it a bit fast … or slow? Even … or uneven? Easy … or a bit tight?  Don’t try to change or fix the breath. There is no right or wrong, good or bad. All you’re doing is noticing your very own breath and accepting it, just as it is. Welcoming each new life-giving breath with appreciation and love.

And as you are breathing you might notice your mind going off into thoughts – and that is fine! That’s what our minds do quite naturally. So every time that you notice your mind has wandered away, just bringing it gently back to the breath – the in-breath flowing in and the out-breath flowing out. Just watching the breath. In … and out.

This is an exercise that you can do whenever you like – just taking a moment to pause and watch the natural flow of the breath. And when your mind has wandered off, gently, kindly, lovingly guide it back to the body breathing.

If you find this exercise helpful, you might like to share it with your young ones, or even your partner, or your friends. Why not give it a try!

Prepared by Sarah Foale. Visit her website or try our other mindfulness exercises.

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